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Living in Berlin x interview 025 超酷發明家the super cool inventor: Niklas Roy

Niklas comes from Nürnberg, Germany. He is good at performing his ideas through all kinds of gadgets, installations and interaction design.

  I recommend everyone take a look of his website before reading the interview!  

Why did you move to Berlin?
Work, thats why I moved to Berlin. I have been here since 1999.

Do you like Berlin?
Yes.  Berlin is a comfortable and simple place, where you dont need to earn a lot but enough to live for. You can easily reach the green lands and have many spaces to move around.

Do you have any tips for Berlin?
柏林電視塔(Berliner Fernsehturm也很不錯,景色很好,我自己已經上去過好幾次了。旋轉的餐廳非常有趣,雖然食物非常普通,哈哈。
Dong Xuan Center  是一個很大的亞洲市場,各式各樣稀奇古怪,莫名其妙的東西,不管是衣服或是食物,但是小玩意非常的多,也非常的有趣,我很常去那裡挖東西。
Teufelsberg is a cool place. 
Berlin TV Tower (Berliner Fernsehturm) is also a nice place with lovely scene. I have been there for many times. The revolving restaurant on the tower is quite interesting, though the food is just normal, haha.
Dong Xuan Centeis a very big Asian market, where you can find many kinds of odd or interesting things. There are also many food standers and clothes. But the most attractive part for me is the little gadgets.

(The front side looks nothing special. However, once you touch it, you will hear different sounds by moving your fingers. )

I have read some interviews of you in the internet before I came. One of them has mentioned that you were working in the film business. What makes you change the career?
I always like making things by my own. I got a lot of fun from my previous job, but Im a person who has highly passion with what Im doing. So, since the working surrounding cant satisfy me anymore, I decided to change. But it wasnt happened in a sudden. While I was working in the film business, I already start inventing things that I want to do in the spare time.

So, did you make all the films by yourself?
Yes, its quite interesting to make videos. But I dont make films for every works, since it will take too much time for too many things.

During undertaking projects, which part do you like or not?
I dont like dealing with tax. (Tax is really a big problem for everyone XD) I like the rest. I like brainstorming, doing experiments, cutting films, designing the mechanical part, writing program, composing the music and so on. I am satisfied with completing the whole process by myself!

私密空間(My little piece of privacy)是一個會隨著屋外的人移動而跟著移動的窗簾。
The project My little piece of privacyis a curtain, which will move following the people who pass by. 

吉屋出租(À LOUER / FOR RENT)則是一個會跟著屋外的人移動而跟著移動的招牌。
The projectFor Rentis a cardboard that will move following the people who pass by. 

They are made from the same concept, right? I do like the idea of moving curtain. It is very humor. And it just triggers the curiosity of people!

是啊。My little piece of privacy 運用的是窗簾,因為在柏林窗邊有窗簾還滿正常的,所以我就設計了這個會隨著路人移動的窗簾,然後放到我的網頁上。後來加拿大那裡有人看到了,邀請我做點什麼,而那裡非常特別的是,大約在六七月算是一個搬家潮。整條街上都充了For rent的招牌,非常的引人注目,我喜歡將設計和展出的地方做連結,於是我就設計了這個。
Yes. The moving element is curtain in the project My Little Piece of Privacy , because it is normal in Berlin to have a curtain before the window. Thats why I use it. Later I put the video in the internet. Then I got a invitation from Sherbrookes Media Art Biennial Éspace [IM] Média in Canada. There is a tradition that people move to new place in summer. The whole streets were full of the cardboard: For rent. You cant  and wont miss it. Whats more, I like to connect my project with the location, thats why I make this change.

 (I check it in the internet, its a tradition in Quebec. It was a due to the law before that the end of contrast of house should be on 1st July, so that no body will be kicked out in the cold winter. Now the law doesnt exist anymore, but this tradition keeps.)

我有看到你有一個workholic chair的設計,但是我遍尋不著影片啊!
I saw that you have a project workaholic chair. It looks quite cool, but I just couldnt find the video.
Yes, there is no video anymore, even the product is not here any more. I like keeping creating new things, but I dont need to have them.

(我正在試玩Electronic Instant Camera
I was playing with the Electronic Instant Camera.

Then what inspires you?
All things. Normally I would not have a clear idea of what to do, but during the process, many ideas just come out.

So, there is no time that you have no idea what to do or how to do?
NO. I have just too many ideas, haha. I may have 10 possibilities for just one combination, but neither do I have time to try them all nor do I  have so many resource. Therefore, the ideas that havent been done now may probably come out later or turn into a new form with other things.

Your works are separated to project and workshop in the website. What is your main focus?
我最主要的工作就是動手去做些東西出來,大的小的,各種想法,想到的我就去製作,然後放到網路上,有的時後設計獲得共鳴,就會得到一些展覽的邀請或是工作坊的邀請。工作坊的邀請絕大部分都是來自藝術大學 (Kunsthochschule)。大部份都會有一周的工作時間,我很喜歡這樣的形式,不一定他們給題目或是我自己想題目,但是不管是哪一種,我都希望所做的東西和展出的或是合作方有連結。一周左右的工作時間,讓大家都可以很多的想像空間以及發展空間,會有無數的想法出現,然後再依照時間以及可能性來挑選進行。有時候也會有一些比較短的節慶(festival)的邀請,但是這種通常會因為時間比較短,所以主要是我來進行指導,共同製作的人就少了一些自由發揮的空間。
The most of time I make new things, whether big or small. I think and then I make it. I will put my projects in the website. People who saw it and have interest will connect me for workshop of installation. The most invitations for workshop are from art school (Kunsthochschule).  Normally, it takes 1 week time. With enough time to develop and imagine, we can create countless ideas and then choose one idea to realize. Sometimes I will work in the Festival. But due to the time restriction, people who participate will have less space to show their ideas.

Do you like the sound of midi? Because I heard this sound effect in many products or videos.
You mean the sound like TV games? This sound is not played by instrument and then recorded. Its all written by program, it is simply made by the mathematical calculation.

Just like the computer game in the old time?
Exactly, thats simply the sound of mathematical calculation in computer.
I like to use the simple technique. There are many technique which seems to be old and complicated, but in fact, they are simple and interesting.

Can you describe yourself?
I think, Im a big kid. What I am doing now is what I wanted to do when I was a kid. At that time I dont have the ability to realize it. But, now I have the ability to think and to make, I can fulfill my dream.


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