Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is a swimming pool on the river,
when summer comes,
the stupid, white shell will be taken off,

I can't wait to swim in the pool and have a glass of beer in hand! 

Badeschiff, Berlin

Stand on the ice!

Standing on the ice is just like a dream.
The first step is always full of scare,
but after that,
I ran and even danced a little bit on the ice!

Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin


Countless faces on the street,
everyone looks so sad.

I know about this installation for a long time,
but it's still shocked, when you are really here,
the feeling is undoubtly strong.

Jüdisches Museum, Berlin 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Symmetry and unsymmetry,
sometimes I think I'm looking for a symmetry for every fotos,
then I start to think about why?

And I don't know.

Aber, es geht.

Jüdisches Museum, Berlin


When old meet new,
when Polaroid meet DSLR,

Hello, my dear Friend.

Akademie der Künste, Brandenburger Tor.


is one of the most interesting product in the world for me.
Children are afraid of but curious about it,
adult try not to face the real.

 Akademie der Künste, Brandenburger Tor

Sony Center

Sony center is build after world war 2,
the roof is so huge and imitate the form of the fuji mountian.

Sony Center, in Potsdamer platz.

Das Licht

That day, I walked on the street and though of nothing,
suddenly this light stand right there,

I'm curious.

Little stuff

Sometimes we forget the small things,
because the big thing is always outstanding.

This little stuff hang on the wall for many years,
but no one notice that
until one day I went to the friend's house,
and ask.

How small it is.

Fashion in berlin

Berlin is so attractive,
there is always something new, something cool
and something you will never think about.

This is a shop in Mitte, closed to WeinmeisterStr.

Monday, March 7, 2011

snow and deer

When you see the snow and the deer in the same picture,
that's like a dream,
when you see it by your own eyes,
it's like you are in the dream that you have imagined for thousand times.

Thanks god for the god damn cold weather and the snow,
so that I can see the scene by real.

A bridge in Lyon

This city is not so big and not so famous,
but it's definitely worth to travel once in your life.

Everything is so peace as in Tainan,
all the things are so slow and so in their tempo.

Arc De Triomphe

The most famous landmark in Paris.
When you stand before it,
you will realize how small you are and how great it is,

Ferris wheel

It's Christmas, but you can find Ferris wheel in every city
and every plaza that has a christmas market.
The Ferris wheel are always so charming,

to me,
that is a symbol of dream and happiness.

Vanish into the cloud

When i was in Paris, the weather is not so good,
always mist and mist,
But it is still beautiful.

The building are disappeared by the mist.
People stood there and saw nothing but the beauty of this lovely city.


This photo is took in Berlin, near the Friedrichstr..

This is the traditional building here,
a small courtyard surrounding by buildings,
with ball light.

Nowaday there are so many new,beautiful, and wonderful building,
but I guess my mind is older than my real age,

I'm always in love with the old stuff, the old building, old memory,
when life goes by, there is always something left,
I think that is what so attractive to me.


Undoubtly this is my favorite museum so far,
I'm lookin forward to get in here for so long,
it's hard to explain the feeling that you see and get into someplace
that you are always long for.

The building is absolutely crazy und cool,
the exhibitions are extremely  good.

Everyone should go there once in the life.

the man stand on the roof in Paris

Sometimes I make many shots only for one good photos,
sometimes it works, but sometimes the first one ist the best one.

I guess i'm looking for a kind of balance.