Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Living in Berlin x interview 015

Siyao, comes from Jiangxi, China. He studies Art History in Freie University in Berlin and he lives in Berlin for 3 years.

Why Is Berlin?

I have studied industrial design in China, after graduating, I would like to study further in this area, so I decided to go to German, and I didn't consider any other city, so here I am. Though I didn't study industrial design now, but I like what I am learning now, the Art History.

What Is Your First Impression Of Berlin?

The difference between imagination and reality is huge. The Berlin that I have in my imagination should have countless Skyscrapers and so-called international atmosphere, but it is not. There are only few tall buildings, 4 or 5 story building is quite normal here, I thought, what a capital it is!

After I live here for a while, I found out that the tolerance for foreigners is not like what I thought. In Berlin, you can meet Turkish people and find kabap in almost everywhere, especially where I live, Wedding. They live here in there own way. ( I can still remember that once I was with a friend, who comes from Turkey, walking on the street in Kreuzberg, he did not need to speak any german, he just talked with others in his language.)

Do You Like Berlin?

Basically, I would say I like Germany, the atmosphere of culture and politic is good, it's really diverse, everyone can speak out for themselves, and the law for workers is good. But if you mean Berlin, I really don't like that there are lots of people who got drunk and still fool around on the streets (it's quite normal to see people drink on the street here).

Is There Any Place That You Like To Visit?

1.國會,每個人都可以去參觀,覺得這是政府很有自信的地方,開放讓人民可以自由地去參觀。Bundestag, everyone can visit here if they want. I found it shows the confident of the government, they open the door so that everyone can participate.

2.Gemäldegalerie,這裡展出13-18世紀的畫作。Gemäldegalerie, here you can enjoy the paintings from 13-18 century.

3.East Side Gallery。有大量彩繪的部分柏林圍牆。This is where you can see many colorful and vivid drawing on the Berlin Wall.

The photo above is the he who I know when we don't mention the topic about politic, history and culture. I'm pretty sure that you can feel his passion and be impressed with his wide knowledge through discussing those topics for hours and hours !!!


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2014 Calendar 桌曆





NTD:300/ EUR:10





I can't believe that time goes by, and the new year is coming soon!!!

The photos that I have chosen this time are all photos in this year. I'm again in Germany for almost half year, there are much more frustrations and confusions then ever, but I'm still alive and fighting for the life, every moment is worthy, we all need to do our best to have a life we want.

As always, the calendar is selling by booking it first, if you live in Taiwan, you can book it till 24. Nov, and if you live in Europe, the deadline is 10. Nov. We will start to send them in the early December.

Because of the help from my sister, so if you live in Tainan or Berlin, you may have the chance to take it by yourself. The price will be lightly different in NTD and EUR, thank you for the understanding of the cost.

NTD:300/ EUR:10

So, book for the 2014 calendar by click the link blow!

if you want to pay by paypal, here is the link http://herecommathere.bigcartel.com/

wish you the best!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living in Berlin x interview 014

Tom,台德混血,目前每週四在柏林的市集上賣台灣漢堡 - 刈包。從出生到現在,住過南美洲/英國/中國/台灣...,總共居住過九個城市的他,在開始Bao Kitchen的兩年前再次回到了柏林。
Tom, whose parents are from Germany and Taiwan, now sells Taiwanese hamburgers or Gua Baos every Thursday at the Berliner Markthalle 9. He has lived in 9 countries so far (Argentina, England, China, Taiwan…) and returned to Berlin two years ago before founding Bao Kitchen.

Why did you come back to Berlin?

回柏林之前是住在台北,覺得台北的生活很方便,也有家人在那裡,但是漸漸開始覺得生活沒有進步,我對於教語言沒有興趣(在台灣工作的外國人很有很多都是選擇當外語教師),剛好這時候在柏林的Deutsche Welle有主播的缺,於是就這樣回到柏林來了。
Before I came back here I lived in Taipei, it's really convenient to live there. I worked and part of my family is also there, but I started to feel like I wasn’t advancing. I had no interest in teaching languages (the usual choice of work for foreigners in Taiwan), so when I got a chance to work in Berlin as a TV presenter for Deutsche Welle, I decided to return.

Do you like Berlin?

I like it, though it doesn't seem like a capital at times. The tempo of life is quite slow, something I’m not that used to anymore, as I got used to and like the fast and efficient tempo in Asia. But maybe it is a good thing, since there’s still a lot of opportunities and room for development. For example, there are many Chinese or Taiwanese restaurants, but are they really authentic? Basically, I saw an opening in the market.


Any tip for visiting Berlin?

在Seestraße的Asia Deli有很不錯的湖南菜,是家常菜的口味而且價格也滿合理的。如果想要吃比較高級一點的,可以去米其林一星級的 Facil,他們的午餐很不錯,我覺得是柏林最美的餐廳之一,美味的食物還有許多十分可口的甜點。 
Here are my food tips: Asia Deli on Seestrasse. Great Hunanese restaurant with home style cooking at very affordable prices. For something fancier, I'd go for the lunch menu at 1 Michelin starred Facil. One of the most beautiful restaurants with great food and some of the best desserts in Berlin.

How did you get the idea to sell Gua Bao?

我一直都想要有自己的事業,而且我自己又是一個很熱愛美食,享受美食的人。再加上台灣的美食文化(這是真的,人們總是排隊好幾個小時只為了享用美食)。剛好四月的時候Markthalle 9開始,我想,或許這可以是我的小吃事業的開始。當然台灣美食很多,不過我選擇用刈包作為開始,我覺得人們會喜歡他的。
I always wanted to run my own business and I also have deep affection for food in general. That’s part of the Taiwanese culture (that's true, people do wait for hours for something delicious). So when the Martkhalle street food event began in April, I thought this is it, let me try and establish my own small food business. There are many delicious foods in Taiwan, but I chose to sell Gua Baos because I had a good feeling that people would like them.

我在台灣吃了很多不同家的刈包,然後也學怎麼做,回到這裡也請朋友幫忙試吃,大家都覺得不錯,再加上其實在美國等地,陸續也有人開始賣掛包,我想,歐洲或許也行得通,所以我在六月開始也開始在Markthalle 9賣,評價都很振奮人心,很多客人都跑回來跟我說好吃。
I've tried a lot of Gua Baos before and learned to make them in Taiwan, and then I invited friends to taste the product first and the feedback was quite positive. Besides, there are also some people selling Gua Bao in the US and they’re doing well, so I thought it should work in Europe too. I joined the street food event at the Markthalle 9 in June, and the feedback was very encouraging, as many people who tried my product came back to say it's delicious.

You said that you've studied and worked about the media and PR(public relationship), what do you think, does that effect your business or even your life?

是的,他們的確影響了我的事業。事實上我想做的並不只是開一間餐廳,我想要透過Bao Kitchen來創立一個品牌。我在媒體和公關這方面的經驗讓我可以主動的去推廣我的事業,並透過不同的媒體,如報紙,雜誌,部落格,電視台...等等,來建立我的品牌形象。
In terms of media and PR, they do affect my business. Basically, I am trying to build more than just a restaurant business. I want to create a brand through Bao Kitchen. My experience in media and PR enables me to actively promote my business and create awareness of my brand by targeting different media outlets i.e. newspapers, magazines, blogs, tv stations etc.

Is there any difficulty?

A lot. It's not easy to establish a business by oneself and I was never a chef before, so the first thing is to get used to was the heavy work load in the kitchen. I needed to find a kitchen with high hygiene standards and the right equipment, since preparing 300 portions is something totally different than home cooking. At times, when I worked alone in the kitchen till 2 in the morning, I had some doubts. I asked myself "is this the right thing to do?" But those doubts vanished when I saw the smile from satisfied customers the following day.

Did you have a stop loss?

To be honest, regardless of earning enough money in life, opening my business was more of a personal adventure or challenge. When you do something from zero, problems arise all the time, and you must solve them. I won't say it is easy for me now, but it is definitely easier than when I just started. I don’t believe in reincarnation, so in my opinion, one should really make the best of life’s opportunities. For me, creating a business, following my passion and making customers happy is what I want to do.

Is there any further plan?

My short term plan is to open a store in Berlin, not only selling Gua Baos, but also some other traditional foods from Taiwan. I want to promote and serve Taiwanese cuisine in an efficient and friendly environment.

Also, ultimately I would like to combine my passion for food with media by hosting a travel/food show. Hopefully, some day that will happen.

So far, I've interview many people, they are all different, but there is one thing in common, they are doing their best to realize what they want to do. Though everyone has different goal, different direction, but all using their own way to reach it. It's really hard to build a brand or business, but there is always the right time to meet the right partner, right place and right things, how cool it is!


你可以在這裡找到BAO KITCHEN!


Markthalle Neun Berlin Kreuzberg

每週四 THU 17:00 - 22:00
Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Berlin 

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