Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Living in Berlin x interview 015

Siyao, comes from Jiangxi, China. He studies Art History in Freie University in Berlin and he lives in Berlin for 3 years.

Why Is Berlin?

I have studied industrial design in China, after graduating, I would like to study further in this area, so I decided to go to German, and I didn't consider any other city, so here I am. Though I didn't study industrial design now, but I like what I am learning now, the Art History.

What Is Your First Impression Of Berlin?

The difference between imagination and reality is huge. The Berlin that I have in my imagination should have countless Skyscrapers and so-called international atmosphere, but it is not. There are only few tall buildings, 4 or 5 story building is quite normal here, I thought, what a capital it is!

After I live here for a while, I found out that the tolerance for foreigners is not like what I thought. In Berlin, you can meet Turkish people and find kabap in almost everywhere, especially where I live, Wedding. They live here in there own way. ( I can still remember that once I was with a friend, who comes from Turkey, walking on the street in Kreuzberg, he did not need to speak any german, he just talked with others in his language.)

Do You Like Berlin?

Basically, I would say I like Germany, the atmosphere of culture and politic is good, it's really diverse, everyone can speak out for themselves, and the law for workers is good. But if you mean Berlin, I really don't like that there are lots of people who got drunk and still fool around on the streets (it's quite normal to see people drink on the street here).

Is There Any Place That You Like To Visit?

1.國會,每個人都可以去參觀,覺得這是政府很有自信的地方,開放讓人民可以自由地去參觀。Bundestag, everyone can visit here if they want. I found it shows the confident of the government, they open the door so that everyone can participate.

2.Gemäldegalerie,這裡展出13-18世紀的畫作。Gemäldegalerie, here you can enjoy the paintings from 13-18 century.

3.East Side Gallery。有大量彩繪的部分柏林圍牆。This is where you can see many colorful and vivid drawing on the Berlin Wall.

The photo above is the he who I know when we don't mention the topic about politic, history and culture. I'm pretty sure that you can feel his passion and be impressed with his wide knowledge through discussing those topics for hours and hours !!!


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