Monday, July 1, 2013

Living in Berlin x interview 006

Alba, comes from Madrid, Spain, she is learning german and having a new life here. She lives in Wedding, yes, we are back to Wedding again! What a popular area here!

Tortilla! Oh, I love spanish food so much! It's simple to do it, first, cut the potatoes and onions, and then fried it with olive oil, then put it in to the bowl with the beate eggs, then put them all backs to the pan, when the edges are stable, then turn the upside down, then it's done! Don't forget to use a non-stick pan!

Salad, Mozzarella/ Eisbergsalat, and tomatos, with olive oil, over.

After graduating from university, she worked as an english teacher for a crazy year, then she decided to have some change, try something new, and some other reasons, therefore, here she is. (yes, the same as I was, for two years ago, the same age and the same reason.)


很喜歡。有很多開放空間。 馬德里不小,但是人太多了,柏林很大,人不多,所以住起來很舒服。(稍微查了一下wiki,柏林的人口密度是3,818/km²,而馬德里的人口密度是5,403.12/km²)。覺得在柏林有腳踏車是一件很不錯的事情,因為有專用的腳踏車道,所以可以安心地騎腳踏車。
Yes, I like Berlin. There are many open space. Madrid is not small but too many people, Berlin is big enough for many people, so it is comfortable to live. (WIKI: the population density in Berlin is 3,818/km², and in Madrid is 5,403.12/km²) And it's also good to have a bike here, cuz there are streets for bike only.

You are in Berlin since last winter, is that not hard for you to live here in winter, compare with Madrid?

It's not so hard cuz she already lived one year in Finnland before.



What do you do on weekends?

Since she is in Berlin, many friends come to visit her on weekend, so, the most time is  being a good tourist guide, the rest is sleep as long as possible :)

Thanks, Alba!!!!

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