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Living in Tainan x Interview 005 : 大雨人小宇宙的插畫家大宇 Raining Universe - illustrator Linyu

Linyu is an illustrator. She is also the owner of her blog and Facebook fan page “Raining Universe.”

Why are you here in Tainan?
Because that’s where I am from!

Do you like Tainan?
當然!因為我是台南人啊!台南很好啊!雖然最近不是那麼的喜歡,因為遊客突然的大量增加,然後太多新房子的開發案了,覺得台南看起來有點陌生。我喜歡台南可以去海邊或是去樹林(漁光島) 悠閒地散步,可以和朋友玩耍,而且很好吃啊!
Of course! Tainan is where I am from! Tainan is good! Though I don’t like it as much as I did before, because of the sudden increase in the amount of tourists and the construction sites that gets sprung up lately, Tainan looks a little bit unfamiliar to me. Here in Tainan is I would take a walk leisurely at the beach or in the forest (on Yuguang Island) or hang-out with friends. What’s more, there’s lots of delicious food around!

What would you suggest to people visiting Tainan that they should do here? Where should they visit?
The thing you can do is be lazy. You can keep eating, chatting, drinking tea! I like riding bike to the Sihcao Wetlands and watching people at the Waterbirds Park. It is good to bike in the evenings, when there’s less traffic, the air is cool and you won’t get a tan.

Why did you become an illustrator?
I remembered starting to make hand-carved rubber stamps when I was a senior in university, then I started blogging about my works. At the beginning, I just put all the things on it, which including potteries, jewelry making and drawing. Then I started sharing a lot of my illustrations and it became the direction I followed. I think it is great to share my works on the Internet, because when people know you enjoy doing something, they will try to reach you out for collaborations. I like sharing my works. I get feedback for what I share, and that in turn becomes the motivation for me to keep producing more works. This is a nonstop circle.

A reader once asked me the question “ How to draw?” Well, you just need a piece of paper and you draw with your pen. You can only figure out your drawing style when you try.

What is your working habit?
I multitask all the time. When I receive a task I would not immediately begin working on it. Instead I would take a few days to ponder on the proper way to do it. All this can be parallel to several other tasks at various stages that I am working on at the same moment. An idea for another case may spring up when I am working on one, then I would switch over.  Let me explain it in a very simple example - just like going to the bathroom, and it takes time to wait for nature’s call Pushing violently is not going to work, but sometimes you could speed it up if someone’s knocking on the door appropriately.

What’s your drawing style? What other styles do you like?
My favorite style is a little bit quirky, and perhaps slightly evil, with heavy brushstrokes, just like The Moomins! Normally, I would sketch on paper first, then do the heavy editing on a computer. I like to use a variety of thick and fine strokes and be less precise, so it would feel like a kid’s drawing. I use fountain pens and watercolors, and I always have my watercolor set in my bag wherever I go. 


In your blog, I found some interesting drawings you made traveling.
Can you tell us something about them?
It is simply no sleeping while traveling. I drew while eating. I drew when it is time to go to bed. I like to sketch what I see, as this will be the only true record of the moment. I feel that I couldn’t recap everything from memory afterwards. I think it is just like writing traveller’s diary; it is just that I record my trip by drawing. I want to read them when I get old. I might also take a few pictures with my phone, but I am too lazy to come back to them after the trip. When memories are recorded as computer files, they don’t feel as important those printed on a paper.

So, where do you want to travel next?
Australia! I want to see kangaroos! But I also want to go to Europe. A friend once commented on the Japanese flavors in my drawing style, and suggested me to visit Europe and experiment with something new! The British museum and the country Spain are on my travel list as well! There are many places that I want to visit!

Who would you like to collaborate with next?
Anything and everything! Jewelries or someone in the textile business, perhaps? Nothing is too strange for me, especially as I had worked with a Chinese herbal pharmacy already! Actually I had always wanted to create something bigger, like a street mural, so everyone could take a selfie with my works. Oh, I also want work with the tour operators and see more of the world! It would be great to design some souvenir for Tainan. There are many historic streets in Taiwan being renovated into tourists spots, but they sell almost the same things and I just can’t tell which is which. It is kind of boring.

Do you want to publish a book or exhibit your works?
I had an exhibition in front of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store at Ximen, Tainan which turned out to be very well. But in every exhibition I would like to show a new series of work instead of something already shown. In fact, this proves to be very difficult as my time is already filled with the commercial cases that I am working on. I have very little time left for my own creations. Thus, the idea to publish a book needs to be delayed. I hope I can reschedule my time once I don’t need to worry too much about income, so that I could put more time into creating my own, personal works.

How would you describe yourself?
Many people say that I’m a hilarious, funny person but I don’t really feel that way, and I was not like that before. But then I learned that when I make fun of myself, everyone gets happy. It feels great to bring joy to others, so I guess I am a person who likes sharing stories and happiness.

大雨人小宇宙 Raining Universe

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