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Living in Berlin x interview 016: A tea shop and a talented owner.

Regina comes from Cologne, Germany and she has lived in Berlin for 27 years. Now she has a massage space and a tea shop in Kreuzberg.

Why did you move to Berlin?

After finishing my study to become a makeup artist, I visited my brother in Berlin, and then I fell in love with Berlin, so I moved here, and found a job here. At first I worked in theater, then I started to work in the film industry.

Do you like Berlin?

Of course, I love this city; it’s a city full of imagination, fantasy and challenges. It is a flexible, changeable and sensitive city. I like Kreuzberg, where I live now; it is still young and has many possibilities.

Do you have any tips for Berlin?

For hobbies, I play violin in an orchestra, but the purpose to join is not for any performance in the end, but to play together, enjoying the process. We help each other to be better; you can find many of this kind of group here. I also go to Latin dance class. It’s also a very interesting activity.

還有就是Tip Berlin這本雜誌,我非常熱愛音樂、熱愛藝術,當年他就像是我的聖經一樣,裡面有非常多的藝文活動。不過現在因為科技的進步,所以所有的資訊都可以從網路上找到了。
Besides, Tip Berlin was my bibles for life, because I love music and art so much, and you can find many art activities inside. But thanks to the technology, all the information can be found in Internet. 

What happened? What led you to change your life journey? 


I worked as a makeup artist for 20 years, and then due to some problem with my health, I found treatment by this massage amazing and efficient. My health became better again, but the pressure from working in the film industry is unbelievably heavy, so I thought, it’s time for me to do something different. Therefore I started to build my own massage space, and till now it has been about 7 years. When I worked in my massage space, I always supplied tea and snacks as well. Then, I started to think, what else can I supply and what matches with the massage space? So, a tea shop is the next shop I opened. Besides selling good quality tea, I offer tea, coffee, and cakes as well (all handmade). It’s very easy to have a shop in Berlin; I found this place very fast and the process for applying for a license is done within 2 hours.

It seems you have always lived in Berlin, do you ever think about living in another city?

Of course there were many chances for me to live in other cities when I still worked in the film industry, but I love Berlin too much.

Who are your customers? I thought that most Germans drink coffee.

Most of my customers speak English, only a few are German, but I think tea will become popular in the future, and it is very healthy.

You came to Berlin when the wall is still in Berlin, what’s the difference between now and then?

Huge, the Berlin at that time was full of old women without husbands, and the city was extremely lonely and empty. After the wall came down, Berlin started a different life, very colorful and evolving, and it still changes. 

I find you are a thoughtful and ambitious person, can you tell us your next goal?

我是一個非常喜歡接受挑戰而且獨立的人,我會一直給自己設定新的目標,但是那並不是像我有一個什麼計劃,而是我憑著我的直覺,順著那個感覺去走,所以下一個階段我還不能告訴你囉!I’m someone who loves challenges and independent. I keep giving myself new targets for life, but it is not like I have a plan to do something. Instead, I follow my intuition and my feelings, so I can’t tell you what my next stage is yet!

Haha, then, the last question, what’s your advice for fighting winter depression?

The day are short, the night are long, it means, it’s time to stay home and bake cakes and cookies!


Jade Vital - tea shop & massage space

Graefestrasse 74
10967 Berlin

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