Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Living in Berlin x interview 004

田甜,來自中國北京,目前是中文學校的老師。已經住在柏林十年,住在Charlottenberg (是的,我們短暫離開Wedding了),是一個好區,生活機能很方便的地方,安全又舒適是我對這一區的印象。
Tian, comes from Beijing, China, is a teacher in Chinese school. She already lives in Berlin for ten years, in Charlottenberg (yes, we leave Wedding shortly.), it's a good area, very convenient for shopping and living, comfortable and safe is my impression for this area.

I visit Tian almost every week, but there are still something that I didn't notice before! For example, the mask, she says: I love mask so much! The mask is made by her class in University, that is her face, they did the mock up on their own face, and then try to finish it with decoration which is the style they like, and her style is? A rich but elegant lady:)

She likes painting, all the paintings are from her, now there are still two blank canvas, they shall be painted recently, according to her, haha. 

We chatted about the teacher's life in Chinese school, it was soooooo funny, cuz the kids are anyway uncontrollable, tons of ridiculous conversations. She said, as she talked about the meaning of the poem, no one cared, but when it goes to the detail of every words, the kids were awake for the single word, Monkey, and kept asking questions for 30 min.

喜歡柏林媽? 當然啊,不然怎麼會待這麼久?
比起住在鄉下或是小鎮上,還是比較喜歡熱鬧的地方,覺得柏林很國際化,大大小小的各種活動、節慶很多。目前最喜歡去的地方是Hackescher Markt,有很多有特色的小店可以逛,還有很多餐廳可以吃!

Do you like Berlin?  Of course, or how could I stay here for so long?
Compair with living in the small town or the subside area, she still loves to stay in city, somewhere more people, and much more to see and to do. She thinks that Berlin is quite international, there are lots of activities and festivals. Her favorite place is Hackescher Markt, because there are many variety stores to vist, and many restaurants to eat!

After taking photos home, we went to eat hamburger, not far from her house, I got to say, pineapple and hamburger are perfect match! 

Living in Berlin 
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