Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Living in Berlin x interview 003

Devin, who comes from USA. We were in the same language school 2 years ago, it's quite cool, after two years, we both decide to fly back to Berlin, right after finishing the work / study, haha.

so, it's really interesting, what makes people leave and come back, again and again?

Devin's hometown is in Virginia, I've never been to USA, so basically I have no idea about the geography, she quickly drew on the notebook how it looks like, the whole USA, where the NYC is and where she has lived and studied.

This is her 4th times to live in Berlin, every time she lives in different area, this time, she lives in Wedding. (yes, till now, every interviewer lives in Wedding!)

Wedding is a special area, a friend once said: here is the small Istanbul, I think, it makes sense, cuz many Turkish people live here, but still there are some other foreign, due to the student dorm.

The main streets are loud and vivid, but the area we went was quiet, I almost forgot that we were still in Wedding, the cafe we went is Schade(which means pity), but it's a comfortable corner, maybe I should interview the boss next time!

Where is your favorite place in Berlin?

思考了一下,說: 這真是個好問題。又想了一下,她說: 或許是Tiergarten吧。
She thought for a while, said: it's a good question, then another while, and said: maybe it is Tiergarten.

She also likes to ride bike, bring book, food, a blanket then direct into park or lake, just take a rest, Berlin is really a green city, people are always in park or around the lake, when the weather good is, some swimming in the lake as well.

She said: Berlin is a big city, but you feels it small.

I think it's because that Berlin don't always crowded by cars, people, like other big cities, people has a casual tempo to live, parents are willing to walk with kids on the streets.


She loves to work in Schöneberg, I'm not so familiar with this area, next time I shall invite her to have a nice walk :)

Her roommate has a cat names Berlin! He kept meow every evening, but he is nice to let me take photos!

後記, 其實今天見面主要都還是在聊些我們前幾次未完的話題,壓根都忘記去問我本來準備的問題了,真是越來越喜歡這個活動了!

So, basically we talked the most time about the topics that we used to have, I just forgot to ask the questions in my list, haha, I love this activity more and more now!

Thanks for join my project, Devin!

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